About Us

The Concept

An online trading portal to improve the transparency and flow of communication between members of the textile industry of Pakistan through an online mechanism for business channelization generating maximum efficiency, efficacy , cost effectiveness and innovation for a diversion from the conventional norms of the textile industry.

Our Prime Objective

Communication leads to Cooperation, which Leads to effective Decision Making

Information dissemination and networking for a greater spread in the professional entourage of textile industry i.e. manager, traders, brokerage houses, entrepreneurs to ensure the largest, most accessible platform for business communication, data gathering, knowledge circles and real time decision making for the most effective transaction mechanism possible.


Globalize the textile industry through the advent of E-commerce for the most innovative, effective business transaction conducted.


To serve as a basis of effective communication for authentic buyers and sellers and revolutionize the mechanisms of textile trade to e-commerce for maximum efficiency, ease and cost effectiveness in commodity trading, especially targeting the generation Y managers and entrepreneurs. The concept would help to eliminate trading barriers across global markets and ensure innovative decision making for forward bookings, short selling, hedging, futures and derivatives etc. through a greater wealth of knowledge regarding the market indices and their expected movements. Finally, the company aims to enlighten the next generation of innovators for a keen interest in the field with traditional essence and heritage and ensure smooth transition to the incorporation of information technology as part of its operating mechanism.


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2nd Floor, Suite#1, Leeds Centre, Main Boulevard Road, Lahore, Pakistan


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